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juvenile hads cutting mosaic tile

7 Tips for Passing on Your Mosaic Creativity

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on" – Albert Einstein. This is a wonderful quote that I hope everyone of us will embrace with our children and our grandchildren.

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mosaic of river in mountains

Is Inspiration Eluding You? 4 Tips can Help!

Inspiration can come in many forms – AND, it can be very elusive too! There are times when all of us lack inspiration on what to create with our mosaics. We can even feel like we don't want to ...

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close up of grout being colored green

Is Your Workspace Inspiring or Depressing?

When you walk into your studio, bedroom, or wherever it is you have space to mosaic in, are you excited or are you overwhelmed with the mess? I think we can all agree that creating mosaics in...

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a katie green mosaic sculpture titled willow

Inspiring Artist - Katie Green

Most inspiring is the way that Katie connects art and nature with her glass-on-glass pieces. It's like her mosaics draw in the environment they are placed in and make it a part of the mosaic. This article also includes ideas on how you might act on the inspiration you get.

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mosaic of scuba diver looking at coral reef

Mosaics vs. Hurricanes

The project began in July. But in August, when only 8 feet of the mosaic tiles were set, Hurricane Charley, followed by Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne, struck Brevard County and delayed completion of the project for several weeks…

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mosaic frieze with woman and horse

Mosaics for the Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Renown mosaic artist, Suzi Edwards, is our guest this month and shares with us her amazing mosaic project – how it came to be and how she overcame illness and hurricanes to complete it! Click to read the article.

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kids and teachers making silly poses

Mosaics – Is it Art or Function?

Mosaic water fountains, floors that have intricate mosaic designs and colors, kitchen backsplashes that serve not only as protection of the wall surface but add artistic appeal, as well as bathroom tubs and showers that are surrounded by intricate mosaic tiles, adding charm and uniqueness to their function.

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