Mosaic Tools

woman photographing mosaic table

3 Ways to Turn Your Smart Phone into a Mosaic Tool

Our smart phones are always with us which can make them a great tool for creating mosaics. I've discovered 3 applications that ...

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womans hads placing mosaic tile

5 Steps to Get The Details Right

When creating a mosaic, there are areas you will need to pay special attention to in order to get the right fit as well as the right shape. Here's a project...

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mosaic fans

Let's Cut a Cup In Half With Our Wet Saw!

Using a wet saw to cut a cup is easy – you just need to think and plan a little before you grab the cup and start cutting. Materials and techniques are here

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close up of grinder bit being adjusted

Grinder Bits - Which is right for my mosaic?

Grinder bits come in different grits. How do you know which grit will work best for you? Here's some good information about which bit you should use for your project.

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corner of wedi board showing sandwich of foam and rigid layers

How to Solve 5 Frustrating Problems When Cleaning and Detailing Your Mosaics

Discouraged with the clean up you have to do after you've worked so hard to create your mosaic art? Here's some ideas that can help you cut ...

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hands holding wheeled nippers and nippinglass to demonstrate proper technique for cutting tesserae

Getting Started In Mosaics – What to Expect

Part 4 of 7
There are different types of nippers that mosaic artists use. Tile nippers and wheeled nippers are probably the most common. Tile nippers work well with unglazed ceramic tiles. Wheeled nippers work well with ...

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assortment of vitreous tiles in bright colors

Getting Started In Mosaics – What to Expect

Part 3 of 7
Tesserae and tools are the essentials for creating any mosaic art piece and there are so many choices that it can make "starting" difficult. In this post you will get ideas from a skilled mosaic art teacher that...

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mosaic of large commercial sign using an ocean wave

Cutting Large Letters & Numbers

One piece letters and numbers - this article has 4 tips to help you make the kind of cuts with a wet saw that will produce letters and numbers in one piece. It also has a link to a video for more information.

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mosaic of scuba diver looking at coral reef

More Cool Tools for Mosaic Artists: Grinders

I have always loved working with glass so coming from a stained glass background has been an advantage in my mosaic art. I want to share with you a tool that I think is a "Must Have" for mosaic artists who need to achieve a smooth edge to their glass or tile. I'm talking about …

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mosaic frieze with woman and horse

How To Cut Stained Glass by Hand

Glass works so well in mosaics, but you need to know how to cut it so you get the right kind of results.   This article covers the basic glass cutting technique and a link to more advanced techniques.

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