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4 Tips for How to Conquer Gravity

tesserae sliding out of place

Ever tried to glue tiles on a wall or a terra cotta pot or any vertical surface? Gravity can be a real headache when no matter how carefully you place your tesserae, they keep sliding down. Here's some ideas on how to manage it.

  1. Try using QuikStik Mosaic Mesh and work over a pattern on a flat horizontal table, placing your tiles first on the mesh. Then take each section and thinset it to your vertical surface.
  2. Work from the bottom, up. In other words, create a bottom row of tiles that you can build up from. Having these support tiles at the bottom allows the rows above extra support while they are drying.
  3. Use a thicker thinset. Thicker thinset can help hold tiles in place much better than thinner. Make sure you clean around your tiles if any thinset squeezes out on the sides so you have lots of room for your next tiles and your grout. Skeewpicks are great for this detailed work.
  4. Have painter's tape at the ready so you can tape your tiles in place until they dry. Painter's tape comes off any surface easily and doesn't leave glue or residue.

Hope this helps give you some ideas on how to keep your tiles from sliding. If you have any tips or tricks that work for you, please share! Have fun with your project!

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