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Videos about Mosaic Adhesives

start of a mini ballerina mosaic

Susan Wechsler's Mini Ballerina - Part 2 - Using Mosaic Magic Putty

Susan demonstrates how she uses Mosaic Magic Putty to apply a variety of tesserae (metal, glass, 3D, etc.) to her substrate.

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two women working with thinset

How Gila Rayberg Uses Thinset with Picassiette

Gila Rayberg shows how to use thinset for irregular shaped tile like broken dishes.

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woman with a styrofoam ball by a mosaiced styrofoam column

How to Prepare a Styrofoam Base for a Mosaic

Styrofoam is a great backer for 3-D mosaics, but you can't just stick your tesserae on it. Here is how you prepare a styrofoam base for a mosaic.

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womans hands tracing pattern on terra cotta pot

How to Mosaic a Terra Cotta Pot - Part 2

The pot has a vertical surface which gravity turns into a challenge. In this video you learn how to beat gravity and how to prevent grout and tile from chipping.

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tesserae on mesh being thinset to a vertical surface

How to Install a Mosaic on Mesh to a Wall

Using mosaic mesh to create a mosaic makes creation easy, but what about installing it on a wall? This video shows how to do it and what you should be ...

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Dippin' and Butterin'

The best way to save time on cleaning adhesives from your finished mosaics is to use the right amount. These two techniques, Dippin' and Butterin' are great ways to apply glue and thinset.

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woman holding drill and mixing paddle

Mixing Small & Large Batches of Grout

Most mosaics need that mess-making step called grouting. Mixing grout can be pretty easy when you use these methods.

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wheeled nippers with nippinglass ready to cut

Fat Cat - The Humble Beginning

Before all of this, Fat Cat was a drab, gray shape. See, be inspired by, and learn how he became what he is today.

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a mosaic floor medallion

Episode 1 - I Got a Commission - Now What ?
Episode 2 - Designing a Pattern for a Client
Episode 3 - Mosaic Over Pattern - The Set-up
Episode 4 - Getting the Details Right
Episode 5 - 3,000 Pieces in 3-Minutes
Episode 6 - Modified Double Reverse
Episode 7 - Transferring to a Substrate
Episode 8 - Installation
Episode 9 - Grouting & Clean-up

a mosaic floor medallion

I Got a Commission - Now What ?

Getting a commision for a mosiac project can be very exciting. But, what is really involved? Lou Ann Weeks shares the step-by-step process from the first contact to the final clean-up in a series of 9 videos. In this episode Lou Ann discusses the business arrangement and first steps.

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large format printer printing an image

Designing a Pattern for a Client

Patterns are not only required by clients, but their dimensional accuracy is critical for large architectural mosaic installations. Here's a way to get both at the same time. Episode 2 of 9.

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woman's hands pointing at start of a mosaic of a dove on a pattern

Mosaic Over Pattern - The Set-up

A modern application of a technique that has been used for centuries, Lou Ann demonstrates what may prevent more costly mistakes than any other way to make a mosaic. Episode 3 of 9.

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