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Videos about Mosaic Backers

c shaped 3d mosaic

How to Make a Mosaic Table - Part 2

Lou Ann completes the second part of the table base and brings it all together.

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c shaped 3d mosaic

How to Make a Mosaic Table - Part 1

Lou Ann revives an old mosaic when she turns it into a table by making a mosaic base to match the mosaic that became the table top.

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woman holding wedi board and wedi sculpture

Sculpting With Wedi Board

This opens the door to limitless shapes for mosaic sculpture. And, it's not that difficult !

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woman with a styrofoam ball by a mosaiced styrofoam column

How to Prepare a Styrofoam Base for a Mosaic

Styrofoam is a great backer for 3-D mosaics. It's available in lots of shapes and you can even make your own, but you can't just stick your tesserae on it. Here is how you prepare a styrofoam base for a mosaic.

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woman with electric drill and wedi backer

How to Hang Wedi Backer

Wedi is a great substrate - light weight, durable, waterproof, outdoor, indoor, and easy to work with. But hanging it is something of an unknown - until now. There are 2 ways and both are shown in this video.

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womans hands tracing pattern on terra cotta pot

How to Mosaic a Terra Cotta Pot - Part 1

This video covers the first 3 things you should know before you mosaic a terra cotta pot.

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womans hands with hanging system hardware

How to Install a Hanging System

One of the questions you should ask and answer before starting a new mosaic project is "How will you hang it?" Here is a good answer.

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mosaic artist holding mosaic of candy canes in a green bow

Making Patterns & Shadows for Christmas Mosaics

Like a lot of things, a few little tricks help a lot. This video is full of them, from making and using a pattern, to making shadows so objects have form and not just shape. (this is episode 1 of 2)

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tesserae on mesh being thinset to a vertical surface

How to Install a Mosaic on Mesh to a Wall

Using mosaic mesh to create a mosaic makes creation easy, but what about installing it on a wall? This video shows how to do it and what you should be ...

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woman holding drill and mixing paddle

How & Why to Seal Wood Backers

It is essential to seal wood backers. However, it is easy to do without adding new supplies. Watch to see how and why.

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wheeled nippers with nippinglass ready to cut

Fat Cat - The Humble Beginning

Before all of this, Fat Cat was a drab, gray shape. See, be inspired by, and learn how he became what he is today.

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