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Videos about Grouting Mosaics

stained glass heart inlaid into a stained glass heart

Choosing Grout Color

Believe it or not, there is a really simple test to choose grout color. This video shows why it is important and works.

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womans hands tracing pattern on terra cotta pot

How to Mosaic a Terra Cotta Pot - Part 3

The grouting and finishing episode covers important information about the type of grout, application, and other finishing touches for this pot.

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green grout being applied with a craft stick

Two Color Grout for Christmas Mosaics

Buying the color of grout that you want may be impossible, but making it isn't. Applying 2 or more colors of grout to your mosaic can be tedious, but this video will show you how. (this is episode 2 of 2)

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woman holding drill and mixing paddle

Mixing Small & Large Batches of Grout

Most mosaics need that mess-making step called grouting. Mixing grout can be pretty easy when you use these methods.

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wheeled nippers with nippinglass ready to cut

Fat Cat - Grooming for the Gallery

Before all of this, Fat Cat was a drab, gray shape, then he got tesserae, but now the final touches before going to the gallery. See how he gets ready.

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a mosaic floor medallion

Episode 1 - I Got a Commission - Now What ?
Episode 2 - Designing a Pattern for a Client
Episode 3 - Mosaic Over Pattern - The Set-up
Episode 4 - Getting the Details Right
Episode 5 - 3,000 Pieces in 3-Minutes
Episode 6 - Modified Double Reverse
Episode 7 - Transferring to a Substrate
Episode 8 - Installation
Episode 9 - Grouting & Clean-up


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