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Videos about Mosaic Projects

c shaped 3d mosaic

How to Make a Mosaic Table - Part 2

Lou Ann completes the second part of the table base and brings it all together.

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c shaped 3d mosaic

How to Make a Mosaic Table - Part 1

Lou Ann revives an old mosaic when she turns it into a table by making a mosaic base to match the mosaic that became the table top.

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tile being removed with a dremel

Starting a Community Mosaic Project

Kicking off a new community mosaic project can be a lot of fun. Here's the first session of a project sponsored by Art Reach of Orlando.

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a mosaic floor medallion

Episode 1 - I Got a Commission - Now What ?
Episode 2 - Designing a Pattern for a Client
Episode 3 - Mosaic Over Pattern - The Set-up
Episode 4 - Getting the Details Right
Episode 5 - 3,000 Pieces in 3-Minutes
Episode 6 - Modified Double Reverse
Episode 7 - Transferring to a Substrate
Episode 8 - Installation
Episode 9 - Grouting & Clean-up

kids and teachers making silly poses

The Making of a Mosaic Falcon

Combine students learning a new skill, gaining confidence and pride with a large scaled mosaic art project and this is what happens! Watch this 3-minute video of our project from beginning to end – step by step through this complex but fun process. Hope you will enjoy it!

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