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Videos about Mosaic Techniques

silhouette style mosaic

Silhouette Style Mosaics

This probably isn't what you think. It was originally a cost cutting technique, but you can't tell it from the results.

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two women showing mini ballerina mosaic

Susan Wechsler's Mini Ballerina - Part 1 - Creating a Visual Story

Susan starts each piece by selecting her palette, but then creates a sketch of her visual story in a very unique and helpful way .

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mosaic pattern being sectioned

How & Why to Section Large Patterns

Patterns for large mosaics must be treated differently than smaller mosaic patterns. Here's how you do it. read more button

tile being removed with a dremel

3 Techniques for Removing Tile

There are three situations where you may want or need to remove and replace tiles. Each requires a different technique and they are shown here.

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woman holding mosaic of a beach ball

How to Make a Ball Instead of Circle

When we are making 2-dimensional or flat art, we sometimes have to create an illusion of the 3rd dimension. Here are two ways.

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womans hands tracing pattern on terra cotta pot

How to Mosaic a Terra Cotta Pot - Part 2

The pot has a vertical surface which gravity turns into a challenge. In this video you learn how to beat gravity and how to prevent grout and tile from chipping.

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womans hands tracing pattern on terra cotta pot

How to Mosaic a Terra Cotta Pot - Part 1

This video covers the first 3 things you should know before you mosaic a terra cotta pot.

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green grout being applied with a craft stick

How to Make the Best Photos of Your Mosaics with a Cell Phone

A professional photographer who has photographed thousands of mosaics shows an easy technique without professional lights and cameras.

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mosaic artist holding mosaic of candy canes in a green bow

Making Patterns & Shadows for Christmas Mosaics

Like a lot of things, a few little tricks help a lot. This video is full of them, from making and using a pattern, to making shadows so objects have form and not just shape. (this is episode 1 of 2)

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woman holding mosaic of a nautilus on a gradient background

The Essential Gradient

Creating the illusion of the third dimension in a 2 dimensional art piece is usually dependent on your ability to create gradients with tesserae. It's not that difficult ...

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a mosaic floor medallion

Episode 1 - I Got a Commission - Now What ?
Episode 2 - Designing a Pattern for a Client
Episode 3 - Mosaic Over Pattern - The Set-up
Episode 4 - Getting the Details Right
Episode 5 - 3,000 Pieces in 3-Minutes
Episode 6 - Modified Double Reverse
Episode 7 - Transferring to a Substrate
Episode 8 - Installation
Episode 9 - Grouting & Clean-up


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