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Videos about Using Mosaic Tools

hand putting grinder bit on grinder shaft

How to Cut a Cup with a Wet Saw

This is a twist on pique assiette. Use half a cup to be a small hanging planter, but first you have to get half a cup. Lou Ann shows how to prepare the cup and then cut it with her Taurus 3 ring saw.

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hand putting grinder bit on grinder shaft

Get More out of Your Grinder Bits

Grinders can be essential tools for mosaic artists, and grinder bits can be a bit pricey. So knowing how to get more from them will save you time and money. Here's how.

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stained glass heart inlaid into a stained glass heart

4 Cutting Techniques and a Valentine's Heart

Beginner to advanced cutting techniques in one project. This Valentine's Heart goes from simple triangles to stained glass inlaid in stained glass.

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womans hands tracing pattern on terra cotta pot

How to Mosaic a Terra Cotta Pot - Part 1

This video covers the first 3 things you should know before you mosaic a terra cotta pot.

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green grout being applied with a craft stick

How to Make the Best Photos of Your Mosaics with a Cell Phone

A professional photographer who has photographed thousands of mosaics shows an easy technique without professional lights and cameras.

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green grout being applied with a craft stick

Get More From Your Nippers

Wheeled nippers often get replaced before they have to. This video shows you how to get all of their useful life.

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mosaic artist holding mosaic of candy canes in a green bow

Making Patterns & Shadows for Christmas Mosaics

Like a lot of things, a few little tricks help a lot. This video is full of them, from making and using a pattern, to making shadows so objects have form and not just shape. (this is episode 1 of 2)

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woman holding drill and mixing paddle

Cutting House Numbers With a Wet Saw

Mosaic address plaques can personalize something that is otherwise very mundane. I prefer to make the numbers from a single piece of stained glass. This is how I do it.

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a mosaic floor medallion

Episode 1 - I Got a Commission - Now What ?
Episode 2 - Designing a Pattern for a Client
Episode 3 - Mosaic Over Pattern - The Set-up
Episode 4 - Getting the Details Right
Episode 5 - 3,000 Pieces in 3-Minutes
Episode 6 - Modified Double Reverse
Episode 7 - Transferring to a Substrate
Episode 8 - Installation
Episode 9 - Grouting & Clean-up

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Making Leaves with Nippers, Glass and Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Three types of leaves are made in this video. One of them is tricky if you just use nippers. But, Lou Ann shows how "out-of-the-box" thinking makes a leaf with just nippers.

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large format printer printing an image

Designing a Pattern for a Client

Patterns are not only required by clients, but their dimensional accuracy is critical for large architectural mosaic installations. Here's a way to get both at the same time. Episode 2 of 9.

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tesserae with a variety of problems

4 Things Nippers Can't Do

Nippers are really easy to work with and I especially like using them since Nippinglass came out. But, they still have their limitations. This video shows the limitations and a solution to each.

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array of glass cutting hand tools

Cutting Stained Glass - My Favorite Tools

This video goes into detail about the tools I personally use for cutting stained glass. I will demonstrate how to cut glass and which tool works best for each. Tips and tricks for cutting curves, squares and triangles out of stained glass, as well as other tools handy for cleaning your mosaic are also shown.

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How to Cut Stained Glass Using a Wet Saw

This video is a demonstration of how to cut stained glass shapes such as straight cuts, curves, 90-degree angles and unusual shapes, all using a wet saw. Watch close-ups of actual demonstrations on cutting the glass, along with important tips on how to achieve the best results.

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