The Mosaics of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain

eastern facade of the church at twilight

One of the most intriguing and inspiring places on planet earth is La Sagrada Familia. It began as the crowning achievement of Antoni Gaudi, but in the 120 or so years since its construction began, the hearts, minds and hands of many other people have contributed to this feat of design, architecture, engineering, sculpture, and of course mosaic art.

The size of the building makes its enormous mosaics seem small. In the next 5 images you will get a sense of their size and be amazed at their locations.

This view is the eastern facade. Atop the four tallest spires are mosaics. On their left and lower are three more. The next image (captured in daylight) shows the counterparts of these mosaics that are on the west side of the church.

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