Isaiah Zagar's Workshop Entrance

mosaiced entrance to the Isaiah Zagar studio

One of the most renowned mosaic artists of the America's is Isaiah Zagar. After serving in Peru for 3 years with the Peace Core in the 1960's and being inspired by Peruvian Folk Art, he and his wife moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he opened an art gallery. Soon after he had mosaiced it to create a folk art atmosphere for the gallery.

In the years since Mr. Zagar's work has been focused around South Street. He has now created about 200 murals including Philadelphia's Magic Gardens where he began.

These next few images may introduce you to an enormous body of mosaic work that is a must-see when in Philadelphia, and really worth a special trip. More than that these next few pages may inspire you to create a very large body of mosaic art for the world to enjoy.

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