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The early advanced level of mosaic art is focused on developing precise cutting and shaping skills. The artist is confident in the use of a wide variety of materials i.e. tesserae, backers and adhesives, and beginning to develop favorites to work with. There is a good chance they are involved in a mosaics business as a teacher and or commissioned artist.

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candle in a blue light casting a yellow shadow

NEW How to Create Shadows & Depth in Mosaics

Shadows transform shapes into forms. It is more than a darker space, it has 4 attributes that good artists will consider. Each are demonstrated in this video. (5 min. 02 sec.)

mosaic of bird of paradise on exterior wall

How to Achieve Precise Shape & Fit With Wheeled Nippers

There are 4 steps to shaping and fitting tesserae with your wheeled nippers, and they are essential to making good mosaics. All 4 steps are demonstrated in this video. (6 min. 43 sec.)

mosaic of bird of paradise on exterior wall

How to Install a Mosaic on Mesh to a Wall

Some of the most appreciated mosaics in the world are on walls. Whether it's a modest backsplash or giant mural, the artist has to know how to make the project workable, hide seams and beat gravity. You will learn all of these and more in this video. (10 min. 29 sec.)

woman displaying mosaic of nautiloid that incorporates gradients

How to Make Gradients

In 2 dimensional art we present form with shadows, highlights and perspective, but you can't use shadows and highlights without gradients. So, without gradients there is almost no form or illusion of the 3rd dimension. This video shows you how to do that even with a small color palette. (5 min. 36 sec.)

mosaic panel with butterfly as focal point

How to Achieve Precise Shape and Fit With a Grinder

Grinders are inexpensive but return a lot of creative options and save a lot of time. This video details the ways to get precise shape and fit, and discusses the hardware choices. (6 min. 3 sec.)

mosaic panel with butterfly as focal point

Cutting Letters and Numbers With a Ring Saw

There are some things you cannot cut with nippers. Also there are some letters and numbers that have enclosed areas that need to be removed. There is a special technique for enclosed areas. All is covered in this video. (8 min. 4 sec.)


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