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There is some information that we want every mosaic artist to have regardless of the type of mosaics they make. You can download them at no charge (and you will learn how easy it is to use our system)

You may also find it helpful to watch this short video that shows you how to get your Mosaic Technique Videos once you purchase them. With this method you will not have to remember another password and you won't have to login to a website. You will keep your videos on your devices.

I Made the Purchase - Now What?

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3 Critical Decisions Before You Start A Mosaic

It can be difficult to have a well developed vision of a mosaic before you begin. But, this process will help you make the critical decisions before you start. Making these decisions not only adds efficiency, but prevents catastrophes. (2 min. 57 sec.)

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Tools You'll Need For Mosaics

Some of the tools used for mosaics come from the building trades. But, we do have our own specific tools just for mosaics. There are certain tools you are going to need to get started. This video will also show tools that you may want to get later, after you've become addicted to mosaics. (2 min. 30 sec.)

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Safety for Mosaic Artists

Mosaics is a fun art form and depending on the materials you use, can be a little precarious. So, before you start any mosaic project, the first step is to ensure you always practice safety. (1 min. 52 sec.)


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