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What is Mosaic Art Learning System?

It is a system based on teaching mosaics one technique at a time. Techniques are the building blocks of skills. When you know techniques you can make any mosaic. It is not a course with a bundle of videos based on a mosaic project.

What You Get
in addition to a great video

  • Unlimited support via chat, email and phone. You can't find that anywhere else.
  • Instantly downloadable video, viewable offline at your convenience, and they're yours forever.
  • No advertisements, or marketing for other products. Just the technique you need now.

It starts with defining skill levels from beginner to master so you can assess your starting point and goals.

For each category it suggests focus areas like basics or precision. And, it includes a library of Mosaic Technique Videos that present 1 technique (sometimes there are more than 1). Finally, it is flexible to allow you to select the order and pace that's right for you.

How It Will Improve Your Mosaic Skills

  • Improvement is more affordable with videos for just $14.99 each - or as low as $8.99 when you Build-A-Bundle
  • Teaches you the techniques you need now so you can make the mosaics you want now
  • Its flexibility lets you to learn techniques in the order that makes sense for you
  • The videos are right to the point - about 4-8 minutes
  • You can save them to your computer and never spend the time to login to a host site

2 Ways To Make Good Use Of The System

Progressive Approach

  1. Assess your skill level from the 5 shown below
  2. Choose techniques you want to learn
  3. Download the videos and practice
  4. Select the next logical videos, download, practice
  5. Repeat
(see the system by skill levels below)

Needs/Interests Approach

  1. Envision your mosaic
  2. Consider the techniques it requires
  3. Find those you need help with
  4. Download the videos and make the mosaic
  5. Repeat
(see video library organized by category / technique below)

You can also blend the 2 approaches as you need. It's flexible by design.

videos below with gray titles are in production - you can tell us which videos you need sooner by typing the title here


SKILLS - New to mosaics and seeking guidance on making mosaics.

FOCUS - Basics



SKILLS - Can cut basic shapes of tesserae, choose limited selection of backers and adhesives, assemble and grout to a desired outcome.

FOCUS - Exploring a Wide Variety of Materials & Cutting Techniques



SKILLS - Proficient in the use of a wide variety of materials i.e. tesserae, backers and adhesives, giving precise shape and fit to tiles, and selling artwork.

FOCUS - Precision



SKILLS - Is attentive to principles of mosaics, i.e., creating the illusion of form, andamento, making gradients, proficient with hand tools and power tools and is developing a definable artistic style and is selling artwork.

FOCUS - Aesthetics



SKILLS - Has significant mastery of previous techniques, a definable artistic style, and is able to teach, do commissions, sell artwork

FOCUS - Style


Masters use those described above and invent more.


We've created 3 videos that every artist should have and priced them at $0.00. Be sure to download and watch these videos by clicking here.

We also have a video to show how easy it is to download your purchases.


By paying the fee for the video, you are licensed to use the video and any other content included with the video for your personal use in perpetuity. You may not duplicate or distribute the video or its related content, and you may not use them to teach others. We offer commercial use licenses which permit the use of videos in teaching environments and those videos are not branded. If you are interested in a commercial use license please contact us here. Mosaic Art Learning System is patent pending, Mosaic Technique Videos is our trademark, and each video listed is a part of the system and is copyright protected. No license is granted for the use of or recreation of Mosaic Art Learning System or for Mosaic Technique Videos.

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