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Mosaics of Wat Xieng Thong

On the northern tip of Luang Prabang, a Buddhist temple called Wat Xieng Thong (Temple of the Golden City) has existed since around 1560. It is a Lao monastery and is considered to represent typical Laos art and craft. This temple is in a garden along the banks of the Mekong River.

On one side of this temple is a glass mosaic depicting the Tree of Life created in 1960 by Lao craftsmen. "The tree portrays the tale of the founding of the temple which legend states was by two hermits who decided to create the sanctuary next to a large flame tree where the rivers met."

Next to the temple is the Red Chapel, highly decorated in glass mosaics. There is a red colored stucco where these glass mosaics have been inlaid. The illustrate religious activities and every day activities of the Lao village life.

This is the Tripitaka Library where the three baskets of Theravada Buddhist scriptures are housed.  Here our friend looks out of the window of the Library and scenes of the Lao villages cover these walls as well.  All these mosaics were added during a renovation in 1957-1960.

This is the carriage house which contains the King's funeral carriage and various urns for members of the royal family. It was built in 1962 and is highly ornate with glass mosaics adorning the walls here as well.

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  • This is so interesting. Now I appreciate the tiling process so much more.
    it is my birthday today & my gorgeous husband bought me a tile cutter and a letterbox to tile!

    Lyn Phippard

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