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I C Mosaics Tribe

If mosaics is more than a casual interest for you, you should be a member of the I C Mosaics Tribe and have its great benefits



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Free Tribe Member Benefits 

Exclusive Digital Library - e-books and videos in one single collection accessible from one web page (the digital library) and exclusive to the I C Mosaics Tribe.  Non-members may track down a subject here and there, but no one has it all in one place.

Exclusive Discounts - I C Mosaics Tribe members get exclusive discounts on videos, supplies and tools. Check these out.

Mosaic Technique Videos - Only I C Mosaics Tribe members get a discount on single videos. That’s right, even if you only buy one video, you get a 10% discount. 
Skeew - Our sister company will give you 10% off any regular priced item - every day. Skeew sells backers, supplies and tools.
Others - We will be inviting other suppliers to participate. The larger the Tribe, the more they will want to.

Tribal Lodge - an exclusive place for Member-to-Member digital communications. Make new mosaics friends, find artists near you, or use this tool many other ways to make your mosaics experience more fun and rewarding. 

Priority Response - Go to the front-of-the-line when you have a question about a project, or materials for a project. Every week we get a lot of questions through our chat window, telephone, emails, and social media. We answer every one of them as fast as we can. When a tribe member uses the exclusive tribe form, the response goes to the front of the line and becomes the next order of business.

A Voice In Tribe Development - There is a dedicated area for members to share your; needs, ideas to make the tribe more valuable, mosaic experience and more. 


Like all Tribes there are rules that you acknowledge and agree to follow. Please read them. When you click to join the Tribe you will be directed to create your unique login that gives you access to all of the free member benefits. So, why wait?



You can opt out of the Tribe at any time, but you won't until you quit mosaics.