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About I C Mosaics

I C Mosaics is the “Go-to for How-to” when it comes to mosaics. Founded by Lou Ann Weeks in 2008, a mosaic artist since 2001, and before that she worked in stained glass, pottery and macrame. Lou Ann began to teach mosaics in 2007 and has freely and generously shared her experience and knowledge. That has led to I C Mosaics becoming one of the most visited art education sites in the world according to Google. 

She studied with Eric Rattan, Sonja King, and completed the Master Mosaico program at the Orsoni School in Venice, Italy.  Eric taught her to “think big.” As a result she has made the largest mosaic installations in the State of Florida (her home state). Her mosaic “Family” was selected for display at Peace Arch Park on the US-Canada border.  She has fulfilled commissions to make mosaic wall art for private collections in the USA and abroad, installations for homes, and public art. She has been a teacher for Society of American Mosaic Artists and numerous other classes.

Lou Ann developed the Mosaic Art Learning System after helping thousands of people who had taken mosaic courses but weren’t taught how to make any mosaic they wanted to make. It is a revolutionary way to teach mosaics, but built on the principles used to teach many other skill sets. It teaches students how to use a collection of techniques to make any mosaic they want to make. The system uses downloadable videos that the students own.

Along with her husband Wallace, Lou Ann co-founded Skeew, a mosaic supply company and sister to I C Mosaics. Skeew manufactures and distributes direct to mosaic artists a large variety of backers, self-adhesive fiberglass mesh, and Skeewpicks. 

I C Mosaics has created The Tribe, the first ever online platform to make it easier to become a better mosaic artist. It facilitates peer-to-peer help, communication and the development of friendships among mosaic artists. I C Mosaics Tribe provides a free digital library of ebooks and videos, online events, expert help, and discounts on supplies and education.

I-C-Mosaics and Skeew are both located in Florida, USA.