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A Mosaic Marvel - Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral - Columbus, Ohio

Several years ago, my husband and I were working with a client in Columbus, Ohio. This city holds an amazing surprise – mosaics that will absolutely blow your mind. When we first walked into the main area of the Cathedral, you are hit by the enormity of all the mosaics. When you look up, the dome has the image of Christ reigning on His heavenly throne, surrounded by 24 Old Testament patriarchs.
All of the mosaics inside the cathedral were made by Bruno Salvatori of Florence, Italy. In the four corners of the Cathedral on the columns that support the dome, there are the four pillars of our Orthodox Christian faith, depicting the four evangelists, Mark (rear right, as one faces the altar), Luke (rear left), Matthew (front left) and John (front right).
The altar is the center of attention as you sit in the church. The mosaic of the Virgin Mary is in the apse of the altar. The twelve disciples of Pentecost are depicted in the arch surrounding the altar. All Orthodox altars, unless physically impossible for the building, always face the East, facing the rising sun which represents Christ the light of the world.
An icon of the Last Supper is above the central doors leading to the altar
These next 4 images are good examples how symbolism and meaning exists within the architecture of the Cathedral. According to the church's website, "Everything one sees has a special meaning and purpose. It is the embodiment of the Orthodox heritage and it serves as a constant reminder of our living Orthodox tradition."
I also wanted to include the next 4 images because they are great close-ups showing wonderful detail that these mosaics embody. I hope you'll take time to study them and enjoy them as I have.

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  • Thanks so much for sharing the Airport mosaics and Columbus Cathedral I’m inspired again.
    I must order some mosaic picks from you, and get and finish my hall floor. !!!
    I took up a job during COVID as an Activity Coordinator in a local Nursing Home and my mosaicking hours disappeared…. Excuses Excuses
    Thanks again for the inspiration and a Happy Christmas to you and yours.
    Ailve 🙋‍♀️

    Ailve (Alva)Hearty

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