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Mosaics at Orlando International Airport - Orlando, Florida

Orlando International Airport is a very busy place. People come here from all over to visit all the theme parks and water recreation that we have to offer here in Orlando, Florida. There is another wonderful element that this airport offers - mosaics - and lots of it! This mosaic sculpture is fun and located in Terminal A near Security. Suzi Edwards and Ricky Rudden created this guy they call "Leoguana Da Vinci" and it is made from broken ceramic tiles.
Over by Gates 123-124, you will find a really large floor mosaic called "Florascape" by R. Grady Kimsey. Colorful tiles in whimsical floral patterns, it is a fun mosaic that more people should slow down and enjoy.
Paul Goodnight's mosaic mural is a hidden gem in Orlando's airport. Created in 2000, it is made out of Italian smalti and is near Gate 112. This tropical themed mosaic is 27-feet long and depicts alligators, fishing boat, fish, palm trees, birds, and flowers. The next 5 images give you a close-up of the different parts of this large mosaic.
You can stand there for hours looking at the rich colored smalti Goodnight chose for this mural. His attention to shading makes this look more like a painting than a mosaic. Look closely at the way he placed his background tesserae. It is very intricate and well placed.
His play on Florida's wildlife theme is perfect here with two alligators, face to face; groupings of oranges behind them and egrets taking off in different directions as if to flee from the alligators. He knows about Florida.
This section of the mural reminds me of Key West, with the fishing boat, the references to musical instruments, shells, turtles, and parrots. A very fun, light-hearted design that will make you smile.
"Field of Ferns" measuring 17'x94' is a floor mosaic by Henry Sinn in 2000 and is located at the 4th Airside Terminal in Orlando International Airport. It greets thousands every day as they step off the tram. Henry Sinn's "Field of Ferns" incorporates many brightly colored tiles and wonderful patterns. The movement of the tiles is wonderful and fun. Don't forget to look down while you quickly move through the airport so you won't miss wonderful works of art like these floor mosaics.


  • The murals are beautiful!
    I wanted to tell you I love your newsletter and tips!

    Kathy Strickland
  • Very nice work (made by professionals). Love the art and the photos are inspirational. 👍🏾

    Diana Pabón
  • I have briefly noticed these at the airport, but didn’t stop to think someone actually created these art masterpieces!

    Dawn Bratcher
  • Perfect art to make people slow down and enjoy their travel.

    Nora Condland
  • Lou Ann thanks for bringing us those interesting articles which enrich us in this world of Mosaic.


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