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The Wonder of Chihuly's Glass

If you've never been to a Chihuly art exhibit, go! His glass sculptures are phenomenal. If you aren't familiar with Dale Chihuly, here's what Wikipedia says:  " Dale Chihuly is an American glass sculptor and entrepreneur. His works are considered to possess outstanding artistic merit in the field of blown glass moving it into the realm of large-scale sculpture. The technical difficulties of working with glass forms are considerable, yet Chihuly uses it as the primary medium for installations and environmental artwork."
So below are images of his work that I was lucky enough to see, in person, up close! Hope you enjoy!












  • Thank you so much for sharing this work and notes about Chihuly. Amazing.

  • Incredible! Such a fragile art form, and inconceivable that he can display in public. It is a Wow from me! Thank you for sharing Lou Ann! 💕

    Di Crea
  • Pictures are heavenly.and magical
    Thank you for sharing Someday we all should be so lucky to see them ..It was nice to see the post I left in 2021

    Gloria Janik
  • Dale Chihulys work will be admired for many decades to come

    Gloria janik
  • several years ago my son lived in Texas and there was an exhibit..unfortuneately my son was moving and I never got to see it..I love his work and admire the artists in that field. I chose a different path in life and wish the glass field was an interest in my an older person I have glass hobbies and still wish to see an exhibit.what an amazing talent and life he has had .His work will be admired forever.

    Gloria Janik

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