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The World's Largest Ceramic Mosaic

In 2007, a journalist, Nguyen Thu Thuy won an architectural contest for her idea to mosaic the wall surrounding the Red River dyke system in Hanoi. It was finished in time to commemorate the 1,000th Anniversary of Hanoi in 2010. At over 12,631 feet long, it holds the Guinness World Record for the world's largest ceramic mosaic.

Using ceramic tesserae made in Bat Trang village, the mosaic depicts different periods of time in the history of Vietnam. There are also modern art works, paintings and children's drawings in the mural.

Many, many people became involved in this project. Students at neighboring schools created beautiful pictures to be reproduced in ceramics and used in the mural. Mosaic Workshops were organized, bringing people together to teach how to make ceramic tiles and mosaic techniques.

Nearly 100 artists from all over the world came to help work on the massive mural. Some were inspired by the history of Hanoi while others created modern designs and patterns.

If you travel to Hanoi, make sure and look for the ceramic mosaic mural. It runs along the roads of Au Co, Nghi Tam, Yen Phu, Tan Nhat Duat, Tran Quang Khai, Tran Khanh Du and ends at the pier of the Long Bien Bridge.

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