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How to Put the Beauty of Stained Glass in Your Mosaics + Free EBook (1-Hour Recorded Webinar)

How to Put the Beauty of Stained Glass in Your Mosaics + Free EBook (1-Hour Recorded Webinar)

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Testimonial: Fabulous! I am self taught. I had never taken a class! This webinar was fantastic. I never knew what keystone was, I just did it from visualization. I will take more classes since I am getting back into mosaics after a break for a few years. Definitely want to buy that Taurus saw!!! Thanks Lou Ann Weeks!!! Kathy W.

One-Hour Recorded Webinar

Beauty, versatility and affordability are what you get when using stained glass in your mosaics. You can make a single piece almost any size or shape you can imagine. It is available in thousands of colors, textures, transparencies, and more. But, unlocking all of this beauty and versatility can present some challenges like these:

  • Knowing the options you actually have with stained glass
  • Bad breaks that frustrate you and waste time and money
  • Learning to use the tools that shape glass
  • Remembering the steps to make different shapes

In this 60+ minute recorded webinar Lou Ann Weeks will show you how to:

  1. Use the right tools for the right results
  2. Cut basic shapes with wheeled nippers
  3. Become proficient in cutting 6 crucial shapes out of stained glass
  4. Shape glass for fur, fire, and feathers
  5. Create circles using keystone cutting techniques
  6. Shape and fit glass with a grinder and ring saw

FREE EBOOK! After you download the webinar, you will also get an email with the link to our FREE E-Book: "How to Cut Stained Glass" so check your email. 

After you watch the recorded webinar, Lou Ann is available and happy to help you with questions and information to help you navigate your way through a very fulfilling and rewarding art form via Chat or email.

This is a recorded webinar. Please note since it is a full one-hour recording, it has a lower resolution so you can download it, but all the information is still excellent.  

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