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GOG Mosaic Techniques for Tiffany-Style Glass Art + 2 Free Ebooks (1-Hour Recorded Webinar)

GOG Mosaic Techniques for Tiffany-Style Glass Art + 2 Free Ebooks (1-Hour Recorded Webinar)

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One-Hour Recorded Webinar

Today's stained glass offers so many color variations and textures, it is amazing. Using stained glass pieces on a clear backer like acrylics or glass, can result in gorgeous glass-on-glass or glass-on-acrylic mosaics. In this 60 minute recorded webinar, Lou Ann will take you through what you need to know to make this type of mosaic. This method is the same as you would use for glass on glass mosaics.

You will learn:  

  1. How to choose the right glass and the right parts of stained glass, to achieve the color variations, textures, lights, darks, movement, etc., that is so perfect for your mosaics
  2. What tools to use to cut and shape the glass 
  3. How to cut glass out using a pattern
  4. What bases can be used for GOA or GOG
  5. What adhesives work best for quick, clear drying
  6. How to place pieces over a curved surface
  7. How to manipulate grout lines which block the light and can change the shapes you intended
  8. How to prevent grout bleed
  9. Grouting

FREE EBOOKS! After you order the webinar, you will also get an email with the link to our 2 FREE E-Books: "How to Cut Stained Glass" and "How to Transfer a Pattern onto Glass" so check your email. 

After you watch the webinar, Lou Ann will continue to help you with questions and information to help you navigate your way through a very fulfilling and rewarding art form via Chat or email.

This is a recorded webinar. Please note since it is a full one-hour recording, it has a lower resolution so you can download it, but all the information is still excellent.

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