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How to Be a Better Mosaic Artist: Choose the Right Grout Color

Mosaic examples of grout colors

Choosing grout color is a very common concern.

The Problem: If you pick the wrong color, you won’t be happy with your mosaic and it can be challenging to change the color after it is all cured.

The Solutions: Your grout color should pull together your vision and not distract from your design. For instance your mosaic might require a very fragmented design and another mosaic might require a very unified and serene design. To figure this out, the key is to decide if you want your grout and your tiles to contrast, complement or match. Another color decision may also depend on where the mosaic is going - inside or outside. So here's a tip for outside:  pick a color that won't show dirt.

We have a video that will let you see how I do it rather than trying to visualize from your reading - plus you'll see a trick I use to make sure I pick the right color grout for my mosaics. The video is called How to Choose Grout Color

red mosaic tiles ready for grouting