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How to Turn Stained Glass Scraps Into a Beautiful Mosaic


"All those beautiful stained glass scraps caused me to start making mosaics" - Lou Ann Weeks, author

 this free e-book will show you how

Four Advantages Stained Glass Artists Have

1.  Your stained glass scrap is a perfect material for mosaics. Easy to cut and versatile.

2. Mosaics is a simple addition to your glass studio

3. Your knowledge of cutting stained glass puts you ahead of other artists who have no background in working with glass.

4.  Costs are minimal as you already have tools, materials, workspace and knowledge.

What You Will Learn

This free E-Book will introduce you to new materials, adhesives, tools, and how they interact with each other. It will cover a lot of information in 7 parts:

  • Safety & Methods
  • Design
  • Tesserae & Tools
  • Cutting Tesserae
  • Backers & Adhesives
  • Grouting
  • Cleaning and Detailing

Get this free E-Book and learn how to use your stained glass skills to turn your scraps into a beautiful mosaic.