Thank you for downloading the webinar “How to Put the Beauty of Stained Glass in Your Mosaics"

Thank you for downloading the webinar “How to Put the Beauty of Stained Glass in Your Mosaics.” I hope the information will be helpful for your future mosaics.

As mentioned, I want to give you the EBook on How to Cut Stained Glass so you can have the stained glass cutting patterns at your disposal for practicing with. Click here to get the free EBook. Save it to your own device and print out the patterns.

Also, because you downloaded the webinar, our additional bonus is 50% off these Mosaic Technique Videos which contain all, if not more, of the information that the webinar covered. Here is a list of those videos - just click on the titles to go to the videos you want. 

How to Master Keystones in Mosaics

Making Biconvex Shapes for Mosaics (How to cut fur, feathers and more)

How to Use Wheeled Nippers 

How to Cut Basic Shapes with Wheeled Nippers

3 Basic Stained Glass Cutting Techniques

Cutting Numbers with a Wet Saw

How to Achieve Precise Shape and Fit with a Grinder

After selecting the video(s) you want and you are in checkout, just type into the Discount Code field this code:  WEBINAR and it will apply the 50% off discount for you. You will then receive an email with the video download link(s) so you can download the videos to a safe, permanent place on your computer for you to use whenever you wish. Make sure you keep that email in case you need to download them again in the future.