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Tribe Rules

The I C Mosaics Tribe is a safe place for mosaic artists who want to learn about mosaics, increase their skills, connect with other mosaic artists and participate in an uplifting, fun, educational platform. I welcome you and look forward to us getting to know each other and helping each other along the way.

  1. Have fun - be kind
  2. Post Mosaic content only
  3. Only positivity – no drama or negativity or politics
  4. Promotions of events, classes or products restricted to Leader only
  5. Please complete your profile to include your location so others can connect
  6. If posting someone else’s work, (photos, written processes, etc.) credit the artist
  7. Posts, links to pages, discount codes, or access to Tribe benefits are not to be shared outside the group
  8. Report inappropriate content to Leader
  9. Leader can modify benefits and rules, remove members, or terminate the Tribe at their discretion
  10. Be a giver
When you click to join the Tribe you will be directed to create your unique login that gives you access to all of the free member benefits. So, why wait?
I have read and agree to abide by the Tribe’s rules.