How to Put the Beauty of Stained Glass in Your Mosaics

How to Put the Beauty of Stained Glass in Your Mosaics

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Beauty, versatility and affordability are what you get when using stained glass in your mosaics. You can make a single piece almost any size or shape you can imagine. It is available in thousands of colors, textures, transparencies, and more. But, unlocking all of this beauty and versatility can present some challenges. These are common:

  • Knowing the options you actually have with stained glass
  • Bad breaks that frustrate you and waste time and money
  • Learning to use the tools that shape glass
  • Remembering the steps to make different shapes

In this 60+ minute live webinar Lou Ann Weeks will show you how to:

  1. Use the right tools for the right results
  2. Cut basic shapes with wheeled nippers
  3. Become proficient in cutting 6 crucial shapes out of stained glass
  4. Shape glass for fur, fire, and feathers
  5. Create circles using keystone cutting techniques
  6. Shape and fit glass with a grinder and ring saw

You can ask questions in the webinar and Lou Ann will answer them in real time.

There are two bonuses for attendees too:

First, those steps to make different shapes. You won't have to memorize what Lou Ann demonstrates, because she will give you the patterns in an illustrated e-book.

Then, if you want to be able to refer back to some of these techniques it will be easier because you will get a 50% off discount for any of the Mosaic Technique Videos that have these techniques.

After your purchase, you will receive further information and reminders as the webinar gets closer. 

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