How to Solve 5 Frustrating Problems When Cleaning and Detailing Your Mosaics

scraper removing glue from surface of mosaic tesserae

Discouraged with the clean up you have to do after you've worked so hard to create your mosaic art? Here's some ideas that can help you cut through these 5 problem areas with ease:

  1. Excess glue between tiles - When too much glue is used, it will fill in around your tiles and block the areas where you need grout to go. To fix this, use a straight Skeewpick to push down or peal up the dry glue. The fine point on this tool helps break through the thick glue in order to minimize or remove it.
  2. Excess glue on top of tiles – Sometimes it's hard to see if Weldbond is on top of your tiles because it dries clear. After you've grouted, it will become apparent. Use the spatula Skeewpick to fix this. It has a flat, sharp edge and works well for scraping off the glue from the flat surface areas of tiles.
  3. Ever had to remove a tile after it's glued down? The shovel Skeewbacker is perfect for this because its tip is shaped and curved like a shovel and gets between and under that misplaced tile easy. Its shape also minimizes damaging the surrounding tiles.
  4. After grouting, some tiles that are porous will hold grout in those small crooks and crannies. The hook Skeewpick has a curved hook shape that is very small and very sharp. This enables you to get in those hard to reach areas that other tools cannot get into.
  5. I have used lots of other tools where my fingers become sore and abrated due to the rough texture on the tools. Skeewpicks have a comfort grip that cushions your fingers so you can work with these tools without any discomfort.

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