Did You Know? - Part 1


Did you know? Here is an assortment of tips that I have collected over the years when working in mosaics, working with mosaic teachers and students. There might be some you haven't heard of.

  1. Clear, plastic bags that seal or clear containers are super handy for storing tesserae so you can see what's in them.
  2. Never use your hands to push away shards, a small dust pan and whisk broom will keep you from cutting yourself.
  3. Step away from your mosaic occasionally to assess any mistakes and to see where you need to make changes.
  4. Cutting your tesserae over a small bin helps catch those small fragments and save time on clean-up.
  5. Small plastic cups are great for mixing small amounts of thinset and grout in and when you're done, just toss away with no cleanup.
  6. Record the grout color you use for each mosaic project in case you have to go back and do repairs, then there's no guess-work.
  7. Before you begin your mosaic project, always know how you will frame or hang your piece or how it will be installed.
  8. Wooden (craft) sticks are perfect for stirring up small amounts of adhesive and grout - even for 'buttering' the backs of tiles; just use and toss!

These are just a few tips and tricks – I encourage you to share your tips and tricks with other mosaic artists. That's how we all learn!

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