The Beauty of Epiphanies


Have you seen Robyn Dreer Abrams' beautiful mosaic fans? If so, it's easy to believe that a lot of time researching and experimenting was invested by her to create the 3-D substrate she used to make them. Freely, she shared with me that one morning she "sat straight up in bed" when she got her "ah-ha" moment!

Amazingly, Robyn's fans are made using wedi board as her substrate. Her fans are 3 dimensional, so how did she do it? As you probably know, wedi board is a flat, super lightweight, moisture-proof substrate that has styrofoam in the middle with a mesh and cement coating on both sides. It is primarily used for floors, walls, bathrooms… until now. Robyn introduces us to a new way to shape wedi board and use them in 3-D substrates. Here's what she so graciously shared about her process:

  1. Start with a piece of 1/4" wedi board. Then score it alternatively on the front and on the back, being very careful not to score all the way through; just enough to create folds for the fans
  2. Press on the score lines to open up the folds
  3. To strengthen the substrate, use wire and glue on both sides; then after it is dry, coat it with thinset
  4. Be sure to install a flat piece of wedi board to the back so you can affix a hanging system and give extra strength to your mosaic
  5. After everything is dry, you can mosaic your fan substrate, using either glue or thinset as your adhesive.

What is so exciting about this method using wedi board is that you can use your imagination to make many things with this folded-fan substrate, such as a skirt of a dress or similar shapes. My mind is reeling with possibilities!

Keep a look out as Robyn shared that as soon as she can, she wants to offer a 3-4 day workshop on how to create these fans. Check out some of her work on her Facebook page.

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