What is Wedi Board and Why Use It?

corner of wedi board showing the foam layer sandwiched between the rigid layers

Wedi board is a German product normally used in the construction industry as an underlayment for bathrooms, showers, floors, anywhere that needs waterproof material. However, mosaic artists have discovered that this material is perfect for outdoor mosaics!

What is it exactly? Wedi board is a foam board covered with a thin layer of fiberglass mesh and a cement coating. It is entirely waterproof and weatherproof, very rigid so it won't warp, and super light weight. There is a hanging system you can install if you want to hang it on a wall.

Here's what is great about it. You can create address plaques, decorative wall art, and anything else your imagination can come up with. You can use it indoor or outdoor. For mosaic artists, it is a great alternative to the heavy cement boards and heavy wood and you don't have to worry about expensive framing.

The basic steps on how to use wedi board are:

1. Draw around your pattern on the wedi board and cut out your shape
2. Remove any fibers from the edges
3. Install your hanging system
4. Trace your design onto the wedi board
5. Thinset your tesserae and complete your mosaic (you could use glue but not for a wet area)
6. Grout after it is thoroughly dry
7. Finish the edges and the back of your piece by painting them or however you desire

Skeewbackers are shapes cut from Wedi Board and are a great option. They are available from the mosaic supply company Skeew and there are many shapes to choose from. These free form shapes eliminate the need for framing, are totally waterproof and so easy to use.

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