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How to use Self-Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh

I recently used QuikStik Mosaic Mesh. It has adhesive on one side. I was curious to see if it could replace the mesh I was using that did not have any adhesive at all to it and required me to adhere each piece to the mesh. I was anxious, as well, to see if the adhesive was strong enough to hold my tiles when picking it up and installing it vertically.

When my shipment arrived, I opened the bag and pulled out the mesh and sure enough, it was sticky! So I did a little "mesh test" and cut a piece of mesh, applied different sized tile, glass, kismet, ceramic, etc., to the sticky side, pressing them down firmly. Then I lifted it. It worked! Gave it some shakes and they stayed on! I tried rounded large and small stones and they did not work. Now I know what tesserae I can use this mesh with.

Here are 3 easy steps to set up your fiberglass mesh with adhesive:

Step 1) Print out your pattern to full size, then tape it down to a clean surface that you can work over for a period of time. Step 2) cut your fiberglass mesh and position it over your pattern, sticky side up. This is the side you will be placing your tiles to, so it has to be sticky side up. You may choose to tape this down as well. Step 3) Start laying your tiles on the mesh. Press firmly. When you are finished, trim away any excess mesh and you're ready to go. You will place your tiled mesh onto your base (or substrate) that has the adhesive already on it.

That's how easy it is! Use it for vertical projects you want to create horizontally. Use it for creating small elements that go into a larger mural. Use it to wrap your 3-D sculpture, then apply thinset and place your tiles on…there are lots of options – just use your imagination.

So here's what you lose when working with this new mesh: you lose having to mix up thinset; you lose having to butter each piece and stick it to the mesh; you lose having to clean around your tiles to remove any excess thinset; and you lose having to clean up when you are finished using your adhesive. These are all things I am very happy to lose!!!

Here's what you gain using this mesh: time and money! You now have more time to create more mosaic art and you have money left over from not wasting it on as much thinset. So spend it on a new tool or tesserae for your mosaics! Go – now!


  • After I have completed my project on the sticky mesh, then what? Do I spread thinset all over my substrate and push the entire mosaic (mesh and all) into the thinset until it squeezes up into the spaces? If so, does that mean I don’t have to grout it?

    Robyn Kristen Cryer
  • When my design is done and I want to apply it to a table-top, do I just put adhesive on the table-top and lay it down?

    Jule Philippon
  • What is step 4? I am placing mosaics on a stepping stone. Do I put thin set on the stepping stone and then place the mosaic, mesh included on it?

    Kay Gervasi Sommers

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