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Is Inspiration Eluding You? These 4 Tips can Help!

Inspiration can come in many forms – AND, it can be very elusive too! There are times when all of us lack inspiration on what to create with our mosaics. We can even feel like we don't want to work on our projects. Treena Kaye found inspiration and lots of it!

Treena participated in the Piece-by-Piece mosaic exhibition held in Orlando. Her mosaic pieces caught my eye and I just had to ask where her inspiration came from. She graciously shared 4 great ways to find inspiration.

1. Travel. When you are out on the road, open your eyes and mind to new experiences and environments. Inspiration may hit you like it did with Treena. Her piece "Peyto Lake, Canada" was inspired by her trip to Banff, Canada. She took several images of a lake and when she got home, went to google images to do more research on Peyto Lake, a glacial lake where the color of water was so stunning she couldn't get it off her mind. That's inspiration!

2. Classes. Treena told me she is teased by her mosaic friends that she is the perpetual student. However, classes have opened her up to many different methods, materials, and techniques and have inspired many of the pieces she's created over the years.

3. Other artists. Treena creates her mosaics in a studio with other mosaic artists and during their time working together and sharing together, inspiration is in great quantity. What a great idea!

4. SAMA conferences and other exhibitions. Attending conferences and exhibitions to see other mosaic work and meet other artists really is smart. Looking at how other artists use different materials and substrates can give you many ideas you can incorporate into your own work.

So, heed Treena's tips and go out there and get inspired!

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