• Thank you for this!
    You mentioned that you’ll go over the grout 3 or 4 times during clean-up, but the video just showed your first “go.” Do you just keep wiping in your subsequent cleanings? Do you use a wet rag at any point, or any tools for fine cleanup? I always seem to have a few tiles that need some scraping, so I’m just wondering if I’m missing a step.

    Sandra Wylie
  • Nice timing! It’s just after 4:30 AM. And I was leaving a comment to someone else, when this appeared in the email list (how?) I was mentioning I have been preparing a separate building in my property, to do art, which includes tiling, which I haven’t done in about 1 and1/2 decades. Perfect, since I’m planing to tile the top of a table I have just standing around looking ugly. Nice job!

    Carmen I

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