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How to Mosaic a Rock


A mosaic rock can really decorate your garden. Try adding them in a pot, putting them on the ground around your plants, or they even serve as a great door-stop.  Wherever you put them, they really add a beautiful decorative flavor to your home. And, they are fun to make -- either for yourself, in a classroom, or give as gifts.

Mosaicing a rock involves creating a decorative surface by arranging small pieces of tile, glass or stone to form a pattern or design. Here are the steps to follow to mosaic a rock:

  1. Choose a rock: Select a rock that is large enough to accommodate the design you have in mind. A smooth, flat surface is ideal, but any rock with a relatively flat surface will do.
  2. Plan your design: Decide on a design for your mosaic. You can create a geometric pattern, an image or scene, or an abstract design. Draw your design on paper to help visualize it and then you can use chalk to draw directly on your rock. 
  3. Collect your materials: You will need small pieces of tile, glass, or stone - anything that will withstand outdoor environments, in various colors and shapes to create your mosaic. The more bling - the better!  I recommend using thin set as your adhesive and a sanded grout as well.
  4. Prepare the rock: Clean the surface of the rock and make sure it is dry. You may need to sand the surface to create a smooth and even base for the mosaic. If your rock is porous, you may want to coat it in a 50:50 mix of craft glue and water to seal it up.
  5. Create your mosaic: Begin by laying out your design on the rock with your tesserae. Use a small amount of adhesive to attach each piece to the rock. Or you can spread some thin set out onto the rock and press your pieces into it. You’ll want to have your pieces pre-cut so the thin set won’t dry out while you are still laying the pieces in. Continue adding pieces until your design is complete. Another tip is to tape off areas outside the mosaic so your rock stays nice and clean during the gluing and grouting.
  6. Grout the mosaic: Once the adhesive has dried, apply grout to the entire surface of the mosaic, filling in the gaps between the stones. Use a rubber spatula to spread the grout evenly and remove any excess.
  7. Clean the mosaic: Once the grout has dried, use a dry rag or cloth to wipe away any excess grout and clean the surface of the mosaic.
  8. Seal the mosaic: Apply a grout sealant to the surface of the mosaic to protect it from water and dirt.

With these general steps, you can create a beautiful and unique piece of art for your garden and others!  For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board here for some other artists' creative mosaic rocks


  • For adhesives on outdoor rocks, I like to use thin set.

    Lou Ann
  • What adhesives can you use for this?

    Monika R Lee
  • FYI Grout comes in outdoor as well as indoor, at least for the premixed.

    hank kuhlmann

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