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How to Make a Mosaic Table - Part 2

It's tricky when you are making a mosaic on a curved surface. This video shows you how to easily put in a straight border, overcome problems with gravity making your tiles slide, and much more.


  • I love the table. Why didn’t you do something with the dges of the tables top?

  • Is this material is pvc

  • Thank you for showing me this video it’s good to know how to go about a product like this where gravity could possibly be a issue, iv been a member of your group for some years now and I’m still enjoying the craft of mosaicing it never gets old and the possibilities are endless! Have a wonderful Christmas and new year and I’m still going to be here next year in my little shed pottering around on a project.
    From tracey in Australia 🇦🇺

    Tracey Crawford

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