ALL VIDEOS $5.00!!!


  • Excelente trabajo!!.Muy ordenado. Felicito a la docente!!!

    Marisa del Carmen Martín Conde
  • عمل جماعي جمالي وفني جميل جداً … اسعدني جداً

    A very beautiful aesthetic and artistic collective work … I am very pleased

    Suhaila al faresi
  • You and the students are to be congratulated for a SPECTACULAR project! Well done and thanks for instilling a love of mosaics in the hearts of so many folks!

    Mary Frederickson
  • What a wonderful art piece these young students created with the loving guidance from Mrs. Weeks!

    Dawn A Bratcher
  • Great project Lou Anne, I’ve worked with grade school students in the past and it was allot of fun and in fact I recently contacted a local school board to do it again thinking that the students might have a bunch of pent up creative energy due to COVID!
    Thanks fo pr sharing this!

    Michael Ryan

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