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Why is the Grout Cracking?


After all your hard work, you've now noticed cracks in the grout. What happened? What is going on? This is very frustrating and is a common problem.

Here's some ideas that may help you figure out why this is happening so you can avoid it in the future.

   - When grout cracks appear in a mosaic, it usually is a result of weak grout structure, like having too much water in your grout.

   - Sometimes air pockets can form in the grout when there is too much water or additives and if the grout dries with these air pockets in it, then it can lead to cracks.

   - Also, if your grout dries out too quickly (you live in a very hot climate), then cracks can appear. 

   - If you've created a large mosaic (like say on a wall) and see cracks primarily in the grout joints, it could be due to some movement in the structure, like settling, or expansion and contraction of your materials. Temperature changes can affect this as well.

   - Another problem could be introducing water to the grout before it fully dries and sets. This would weaken it, causing it to degrade fast. 

   - Make sure you apply the grout correctly as well. Press your grout firmly into the cracks between your tiles so you don't have any gaps. Grout needs plenty of time to cure properly and strengthen. 


Be sure you read and follow the manufacturer's directions on your bags of grout and use fresh grout - as it can get old. 


  • Hi Barb! The correct consistency for grout is a “peanut butter” consistency. Start with a little water in the bottom of your container and add the grout to that – it doesn’t take much water.

    Lou Ann
  • What is the correct consistency of grout mix ??

    Barb Smith
  • Ive also had cracks appear when I grouted over wood and didnt realise I shouldnt do that as the wood expands…lesson learnt!

    Elaine Bennett

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