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  • Hi Sue! I’ve seen others mosaic toilets. They are great! It will be heavy for sure so you’ll need to plan to put it in place first, then do your mosaic – I’d hate to try to lift or move it.

    Lou Ann Weeks
  • I highly recommend using dry rags to clean off your excess grout. Wet rags will just “drag” the grout around and not work well. Wipe off as much excess as you can first using dry rags. Keep wiping with dry rags, over and over until you get it cleaned off.

    After you have let the mosaic dry overnight or so, then you can use wet rags to get any hazing or small bits of grout off. This technique works for all sizes of projects. I generally take my rags outside and rinse them and let them dry. Once they are too dirty, then I toss away.

    I also use Skeewpicks to help detail any grout that needs scraping out. They are perfect for this.

    You can seal your mosaic after it is dry – approximately 24-48 hours.

    Lou Ann Weeks
  • I just saw your video on grouting using a float, my question is how you wipe off excess grout with dry rags. Do you throw the rags away after? Can that technique be used with small projects that have much grout around the design? How soon do you use a wet wipe and seal the project 24 hrs?

    Sharon Navratil
  • Thank you! I would never have thought to use a float for large pieces. Lovely piece – nice work!!

  • Hi Lou Ann
    I have purchased several videos that have been very helpful. I was given a new toilet the neighbors decided not to use. I wanted to mosaic it but wonder if it would be too heavy to move. Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated. Thnx so much. Sue

    Sue Scott

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