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Inspiring Mosaic Artist - Katie Green


Most inspiring is the way that Katie connects art and nature with her glass-on-glass pieces. It's like her mosaics draw in the environment they are placed in and make it a part of the mosaic.

Katie Green is a UK artist that inspires us with two dimensional contemporary glass sculptures. One journalist wrote in the Gloucestershire Echo, "She sees inspiration everywhere, constantly finding new ideas in the littlest of everyday things," and that is clear when you look at her art.

In fact, you should look at a lot of her art on her website  and follow her on Facebook. Then you can hope for the day that you can visit an exhibition of her work. Pieces can be found in parks and gardens all over the UK.

Glass-on-glass (GOG) mosaics open up different potentials that you are sure to enjoy exploring. Here are some thoughts you could use to give it a try.

1.Think about hanging.

Look around you and see what inspires you. Incorporate your surroundings into the theme of your GOG and use your surroundings to highlight your art. Try to use natural elements to hang or support your piece as well so that it seamlessly blends into your surroundings.

2. Think about light.

The beauty of GOG is the ability to use light coming through your mosaic to accentuate the colors and textures of your glass. Consider how light changes throughout the day and use light to its fullest.

3. More than one kind of glass.

Think out of the box and use different thicknesses and textures. This adds interest and variety. Also consider layering your glass like Tiffany did in his work. Acrylics is another material that is very rigid and crystal clear. You can check Amazon to find some.

4. Adhesive choices.

Always use the appropriate adhesive for the environment your piece will be displayed in. For instance, if you need a clear adhesive for outdoors, make sure you choose one that will dry quickly and clear and withstand the environment it will be in. Gorilla glue clear works well on acrylics - not so much on glass. GE Silicon II is another glue choice.

5. Cutting the backer.

If you are inspired by Katie's work, glass is a good choice as your backer. To cut glass, think about the tools you will need such as a wet saw and glass cutting tools. There is an art to cutting glass, so you will need to know those techniques. This one-hour video can help with that - click here. Another backer could be used is acrylics that can be cut with a jigsaw or scroll saw.

6. Size is important.

Make sure you consider the location of your piece so you can plan for an appropriate size. You don't want to create a piece to have it overwhelmed and not seen. And, on the flip side, you don't want a huge piece of art that seems out of place either.

I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and different. Being inspired by other artists is a great way to start.


  • Fabulous! I find great inspiration in admiring other people’s work. Thanks for sharing!

  • outstanding, very interested in the type of substrates used for these projects. thankyou for sharing, beautiful inspiring work.

    susie kramer
  • Great ideas! I live on a lake and am surrounded by nature – so this has great appeal!


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