When Is a Mosaic Kit the Best Option

a mosaic starter kit with backer, tesserae, tools, adhesive and grout

You can spend years learning where and what to buy for mosaic projects. I've done it. It is easier now with the very helpful mosaic groups on Facebook, but still not a piece of cake. So, is buying a kit a good option? After all, they should have everything you need.

The answer can be a strong "yes" for some situations, and maybe for others. The first strong "yes" is for beginners. If you are new to mosaics, kits can be a good option for your first few endeavors. These projects should include all the appropriate supplies such as your backer, the right kind of adhesives, tesserae you will need, the right tools, etc. Having all the right tools and supplies allows the beginner the opportunity to create a successful mosaic project and this helps foster their enthusiasm to continue learning and creating. So for the beginner, a mosaic kit can be a great way to get that good "start."

The second strong "yes" is for mosaic educators teaching beginner classes. Kits can be an affordable, easy way to provide students with their supplies and tools with a huge timesavings. Using a kit for beginner classes is especially viable, as each student can receive their own complete kit that includes the backer, tiles, glue, and tools.

There are at least 4 ways this helps the educators. First it helps mosaic teachers calculate their costs for materials and supplies more accurately. Second, transporting compact kits instead of boxes of materials is another advantage. Third, it's harder to forget something important if everything is contained in the kits. Fourth, and maybe most important, my experience suggests it lets the educator give more uniform and focused instruction.

Of course, depending on the class topic, kits are not always appropriate, but in certain cases, they can be a very valuable option.

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